Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Mookai Rosie’s social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) team have developed individualised and group therapy programs to support our client’s wellbeing and mental health. In addition to this support, our wellbeing team can assist people with Centrelink, Medicare, parenting program attendance, legal advocacy, identification requirements and housing department support.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Services


Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families from rural and remote communities requiring support with their social or mental health are able to access our Mental Health Social Workers through a Mental Health Treatment Plan. These plans can be created with our doctors through the Mookai Medical program.

Our SEWB team offer:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Program,
  • Playgroup,
  • Parenting Programs,
  • Legal Advocacy,
  • Services Australia Support (including Medicare, Centrelink, and Housing)
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing,
  • Mental Health Program, and
  • Mums and Bubs Together Program

Our Mental Health Social Workers

Josie King (SEWB team leader)



Emily Hapea

Emily’s ancestors are from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, and Scandinavia and have been in Australia for many generations.
Emily has been a social worker for over 12 years and has worked at Kummara Indigenous Family Support Service in Brisbane, at the Well Being Centre in Aurukun, at Centacare FNQ, but mostly at Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan. She is a skilled trauma counsellor and an accredited Mental Health Social Worker so can be referred to under Medicare. She is also well practiced in working with women and families to address substance misuse issues, domestic violence, parenting, and mental health issues.
Emily is a passionate ally of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Her favourite quote is “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” Gangulu woman Auntie Lilla Watson is often credited with this quote but she states that an Aboriginal Rights group in Queensland in the early 1970s that she was a part of came up with this together.
Emily is very committed to working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander mothers to ensure that their babies remain in their care rather than being removed by Child Safety. The Mums & Bubs Together program defines the work that has been done in this field for many years at Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan. 

Our Client Support Officer

Rhonda Brim

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